Republican Senator Ted Cruz from the redneck state of Texas fails to get himself into the Guinness World Book of Records trying to break the filibuster  record set by racist Strom Thurmond who opposes the Civil Rights Act. The Republicans are wasting their time to repeal Obamacare as least 42 times when there are other matters of importance that needs our attention. I strongly believe in universal health care, the rights of all Americans to affordable health insurance. Obamacare is just exactly that, that Obama cares about our American people. The Republicans may regret passing the bill in the first place, so rather than complaining, come up with some suggestions to improve the Affordable Care Act, making it more agreeable to both parties, as we already got the best health facilities in the world, so why not a pool best health insurance, with wide range of policies  available with premiums that are affordable to all Americans. It's not socialism, that argument is irrelevant  because we already got such entitlement programs as Social Security, Medicare, etc.  Congress is creating the redlines themselves, not agreeing to anything, causing the gridlock in Washington. It will be a political genocide if the Republicans succeed in wiping out the middle class. I'm surprise to find that Senator Cruz is illiterate, not understanding the message of Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" which is that we should not reject anything we haven't tried. Our first obligations is to pay our bills, so do the right thing, increase our debt ceilings, it's not worth to lead our country to bankruptcy. The only way to control our national debts is to get rid of all the lobbyists, abolish PACs, eliminate earmarks, and grant the President use line-item veto power. If we can't get our act together, then perhaps it's time to amend the Constitution to allow dissolution of Congress. 

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