A Deaf individual, a blogger, been complaining that he must show his driver's license to participate in the Deafnation Expo, I know it's a hassle, but most of us already registered online, so it's no big deal to be upset over it, unless you don't want to admit your driver's license been suspended because of your DUI conviction, so don't drink and drive. A state photo ID is also acceptable. Your student ID is not acceptable as it doesn't contain the information requested. Your privacy is protected; the success of the Deafnation Expo is determined on how many Deaf attends, that will set the advertising, booth rates, and its ability to attract sponsors, etc. The irony is this, the Deaf complaining about giving their addresses at the registration, but willingly given them out to all the exhibitors inside, hoping to win prizes, it's a marketing ploy.   

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