Stone Deaf in the Stone Age

Anthropologist discovered an ancient cave in France, a clan of stone-age Deaf dwellers where the females kept watch over their children, while the males hunt. They all communicate using gestures for generations until one day during a thunderstorm, a lightning hit a tree, frightening the clan, causing one to scream "fire!", which got the attention of everyone surrounding him. They are used to the sounds of the wild, but "fire" is the first using the human voice but it's problematic causing divisions among rival clans, engaging in tribal warfare. coming from one of their own. That "fire" is the origin of "oralism, gestures which evolves into sign language began to disintegrate. Fire is a milestone in our human race, it given us warmth, not peace. One day, a child was born but he wasn't responsive, so we assume he was rebellious. The child loves cave painting; they didn't spank their kids in those days. The child seems normal, playing tag, swimming in the river, stalking mammoths, except one thing: he hasn't spoken a word yet. An aged healer checked him out and noticed that the child was using gestures, then realized the child was Deaf afterall, and very intelligent. Lucky to be born with an "invisible handicapped" because any abnormal child born are sacrificed to the gods. The Deaf child is now of age to be inducted into the tribe as a hunter after undergoing a circumcision ritual. The Clan Council decided to re-established their ancient languages of signs as the official mode of communication. The Deaf child is now one of us, it takes a clan to raise him.
The Deaf child grew up to be its greatest hunter, and as a matter of fact, he is credited as being the inventor of the wheel. The Stone Age disappeared with the coming of the Ice Age. Sign Language has been with us since the Dawn of Man as we conquer the stars.

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