Silent Alarm

Yesterday, four Deaf men attempted to rob a  bank in downtown Boston. They busted in with guns drawn, and one Deaf went up to a teller with a note "ME ROB", " The teller asked the Deaf man "Robert, I need your full name." The Deaf frustrated hand her another note, "NO, ME ROB BANK." The teller checked the computer and apologized for the delay and told him "I'm sorry but we do not have a Robert Bank, so hold on let me call and request a sign language interpreter for you, it'll be only a few minutes, can you read my lips?"
The second Deaf bank robber asked "What's the holdup?"
The Deaf told him, "The teller is getting us an interpreter."
The Deaf bank robbers was losing patient waiting for the interpreter to arrive. (unknown to them, was that the teller has pressed a silent alarm, the police on its way, siren in the background)
Rickey: "I am Ricky the interpreter, Robert Bank, I understand that you want to open an account with us."
The Deaf Bank robber: "The teller misunderstood us, my name is not Robert Bank, we are here to rob the Bank." (Teller complied gave them a few thousand dollars in loots)
Police arrived on the scene and arrested all the Deaf bank robbers. (Interpreter left to go on another assignment, the get-away car was towed away, the Deaf spend the night in jail, awaiting to see the judge the next day)
Judge: "You have been charge with armed robbery of a bank, a felony, since you can't afford a lawyer the court will appoint you a public defender."
Ricky: "Hello, I am your interpreter, I remember you guys, we met yesterday at the bank, they thought you wanted to open an account, but you made a sizable withdrawal."
Public Defender: "My clients pleaded not guilty."
Judge: "State your case."
Public Defender: "When the police arrested them, they forgot to request an interpreter to read their Miranda rights, they didn't know that they have the rights to remain silent."
Judge: "Ricky, were you there yesterday?"
Ricky: "Yes, your honor, the bank called me to come to the bank to interpret for them while the robbery was in progress, then I left to go on another assignment, and the police was on the scene, handcuffed these guys, and didn't bother to ask me to sign their Miranda rights."
Judge: "I can't believe it, the police was on the scene and the interpreter was there, and there is no excuses whatsoever their rights were violated, case is dismissed."

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