John: "Joan, answer the VP please"
Joan: "That was the Principal, they want us to come pick up our son, Jason, suspended for fighting in the school cafeteria."
John: "What has Jason done this time?"
John: "Boys will be boys, couldn't your teachers handled the situation themselves?"
Principal: "This situation is different, Jason knocked out a boy with CI* and we had to call in the police."
John: "A TKO (technical knock-out), Great! I taught him everything, I'm proud of him."
Police Officer: "I don't think so, I'm giving him a citation for disorderly-conduct."
John: "Wait a minute, that's unfair, children fight all the time during the school year, but why singled out my son, Jason,  just because a CI* child is involved."
Joey (brother): "Jason, what happened at school?"
Jason: "You know Charlie, the CI* kid, got ahead of me in the cafeteria line so punch him.
John: "I'm not paying that $125 citation, so we're going to the DA (District Attorney) next month to contest it." (The victim's parent didn't show up, so the DA dropped the charges)
CI* (cochlear-implants)

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