Deaf Children Seen, Unheard!

Alice, an oral Deaf teenager, a mainstream student at local public high school, been having adjustment problems, abusing drugs to escape from reality. Her parents are at an IEP, with her teachers, counselors, and the school district administrator. They discussed her frequent absences, behavioral problems, etc. She is very intelligent but not living up to her potential. The school psychologist recommends that Alice be transferred to CSDF. "They provide all the services that meet her needs and the social environment making new friends.
"That's enough," the parents angrily stormed out, "my child will never be institutionalized."
When they arrive home, Alice was nowhere to be seen, worried, the parents call 911. Police arrives and found the lifeless body of Alice floating in the backyard pool. "It's all my fault...," the mother cries, feeling guilty of causing her death. It's obviously a suicide, as the parents never accepts her deafness, and it will haunt them the rest of their lives.

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