Bento, Deaf Werewolf

Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileDuring a full moon, the Deaf werewolves are out there, among us, so no need to fear, and a warning to the audists, beware!  A Deaf werewolf is often the seventh son in a Deaf family, and that Deaf son will be known as "Bento," based on Portuguese folklore. Very often, in some cultures, the seventh child was abandoned at birth. In order to prevent abandonment, a law was passed in Argentina, that the seventh child becomes the godson of its leader, sort of being a ward of the state. the President. The Deaf werewolves, will let their presence be known to us. When we sleep tonight, we can feel the tap on our shoulder, as if Bento is watching over us, given us assurances that we will be safe; there also been unconfirmed police reports of burglars being chased. Bento is our hero!

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