The common council held a meeting behind closed doors to discuss about the lack of tourism in Birmingham, our immediately thoughts was the Vulcan statue on top of Red Mountain as we been getting complaints about the naked butt, it's an embarrassment, akin to Lady Liberty exposing his bare breast. One legislator, a Trekkie, proposed replacing it with another Vulcan, that of Mr. Spock, the motion passed unanimously with one notable absence, a Klingon. The Vulcan is the Roman god of fire and Red Mountain is no volcano. The mayor thinks the change will aid the economic recovery of the city, bringing in the prestigious Star Trek conventions. Nimoy didn't care for the statue, figuring a star on a sidewalk in Hollywood is enough for him, but will be present during its unveiling late this fall. Shatner had a field day laughing when asked for a comment, we still waiting for it after he calm down. It will hopefully bring peace and prosperity to the city long ago torn by civil strife and poverty, as symbolized in the "V" shape, hand gesture first introduced in the original series, now closed-captioned in syndication since.

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