A Gallaudet athlete who plays both baseball and football describes his experiences:
1. "I am so used to getting spiked at second, now I feared being tackled."
2. "I won't be thrown out for kicking a football, instead of the umpire's shin."
3. "I never learn to read, I'm here on a  scholarship to play.
4. "It's heavier to pass a football, but still clocked over 95 mph."
5. "It's great to watch the cheerleaders from the dugout, rather than that Bison mascot."
6. "I thought we'll be on ESPN, not the police blotter."
7. "It's one game, not four out of seven."
8. "It's a high fly ball, going, going, and it's gone, a touchdown."
9. "We start winning after the fans start using vuvuzelas"
10. "I'm going to Disney World!"

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