A Deaf suspect lead police on the longest police chase ever, from Houston to San Antonio, on Interstate 10, shown live on CNN, staying within the speed limit. A police negotiator was unable to contact the driver after failing to attract his attention, fearing a hostage situation, decided to take no chances, having at least four squad cars in pursuit. The ordeal ended when the suspect pulled up to a gas station for a refill, police with guns drawn, ordered him to stop, hands up, but he just went in to prepay the cashier, unaware of what's happening outside. The hostage, we thought, got out to go to the bathroom, again ignoring instructions from the officers. Wait a minute, something is wrong here, as they notice that they are signing, unaware that both of them are Deaf, the police embarrassed themselves and apologized. They were unaware of the whole incident because they were texting along the way, never bother, not even once, to check their rear-view mirrors at some point. State troopers has a lot of explaining to do when they file their reports at the end of their shift, and may be facing disciplinary actions.

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