The Texas Department of Corrections is an  Equal Opportunity Employer

Here is an opportunity here in Texas for those Deaf laid off during the recession; in order to achieve diversity in its workforce the state are encouraging the Deaf to participate in its training programs, scheduling an orientation session at several of its facilities, with an interpreter on site. The state hope to recruite at least a few Deaf inmates for jobs as license plate press operators. All will undergo background checks; must have a felony conviction to be qualified for these positions. Salary is below minimum wages, minus restitution, enough to purchase a pack of cigarette at the prison commissary to trade for protection from the gangs on your block. The job will look good on your resume before the parole board. If you are interested in applying for a job, just stick-up your local bank and get a sentence from a judge. All successful candidates will received an uniform, room and board, at state expenses.

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