I'm looking forward to our class reunion at our state institution, it's been all these years since our graduation. This is an opportunity to catch up with the latest gossips. Let's be creative here, profiling an essay of what's life was then and now, an evolution of our Deaf culture. 
1. Then: Deaf families bring their children.
     Now: Deaf gays bring their partners.
2. Then: The Deaf captain of your old football team is now a coach at school.
    Now: The Deaf captain was recently busted and now is in prison.
3. Then: We got high smoking pot.
     Now: Most of our classmates are dead, couldn't break the habit!
4. Then: Our teacher doesn't know sign language.
     Now: Our teacher still haven't yet learn sign language.
5. Then: Deaf school superintendent announces a master plan for new classrooms and dormitories.
    Now: Deaf school superintendent asks for your support to oppose a bill in state legislature to close the Deaf school.
6. Then: They served dried salads, watery soups, undercooked chicken, and sugary punch in the cafeteria.
   Now: They served dried salad, watery soups, undercooked chicken, and sugary punch at our banquet.

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