Cochlear Transplant

Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profileA shocking revelation in an article of a New England medical journal hitting the stands this week, a two year old Deaf child now recovery at home, after undergoing the world's first successful cochlear transplant. Timing was critical, a federal judge denied an injunction request from PETA activists, allowing the procedure. According to surgeons, the organ was transported overnight via helicopter after a newborn orangutan that died at the Bronx Zoo. The administration are aware of the controversial, pointing out that restoring survival instinct is the purpose of our research, not language acquisition.The Deaf child is now on a steady diet of bananas to prevent the rejection of the foreign organ. The only known side effects we observed is the unexpected appearance of pubescent hair at such an early age, as if it was evolution in reverse. As long as the Deaf child can walk upright and don't grunt, we wouldn't notice the differences.

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