This is HowardClick to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile trolling the Internet abusing the social media harrassing Deaf Floridians. Protect yourselves, block him on all your accounts. Howard is "persona non grata" in our Deaf Culture and such behaviors will not be tolerated. Just recently, he left a negative message to one of my FB friends, ignoring an e-mail warning from the local police of such contacts. This despicable character is a host of a closed group on FB that listed events submitted, coffee chats, and monthly gathering at a mall; and believe me, it's just not worth listening to this Deaf rumormonger.


Trail of Tears

Our government round up the Cherokees and send them away on the "Trail of Tears," taking away their lands.
The Nazis round up the Jews and send them away to Auschwitz, taking away their possessions.
The audists round up the Deaf and send them away to surgery, taking away their identity.


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