Chris Haulmark and Senator Bill Nelson

There is a little known Deaf candidate, Chris Haulmark, running to be the first Deaf in Congress from Kansas third district. He is a Democrat, all issues he talk about on his videos all are along Democrat party lines. I am a voter in Florida, please, I beg you,  to get all your friends in the Senate and House to endorse him and campaign with him,  anything to help him beat a Republican so that the Democrat can regain control of Congress, and later the White House. He my be that key vote. Please, under no circumstances, ignore this e-mail, get everyone to take notice and support him, even endorsing him. You need the backing of the Deaf community to vote Democrat in all races across America, they will be helpful and may be a factor in winning close elections in various battleground states. Here is a link to his campaign.  I hope your staff who reads this e-mail don't delete it but bring it to your attention, it all take one e-mail from one constitute that  action on your part to help an unknown candidate who can restore the Democrats majority on Capitol Hill, setting our aim on the White House. Let me put it this way, Washington has been deaf to us, perhaps it's time that we vote into position a Deaf Democrat who actually listen to us Americans. Chris and you have similar  viewpoints on various issues, will get along well, and be supportive of each other, help him prove that the Democrats are the party of diversity that can unite a divided country. God bless the United States of America.


Deaf Film Critic: "Wonderstruck"

           Cannes is a film festival in France  where the controversial film has its premiere. I noticed an interpreter in this CC video as there is a young Deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, participating. The film is controversial as Julianne Moore, a hearing actress in a Deaf role.

“If you’re a hearing person who grows up in deaf culture, or if you’re a deaf person who grows up in a hearing culture, then you’ve seen both. For me, as a hearing person who grew up in a hearing world, I’m not ever going to fully understand that. But what they allowed me to do was to stand in the doorway between those rooms and observe them both. It was an incredible privilege."                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                        Julianne Moore

"Wonderstruck," will be released in October, I'm looking forward to seeing in on the silver screen.
      "Wonderstruck," will be released in October, I'm looking forward to seeing in on the silver screen.
There was two things happening on the same day at the same place and I couldn't be in both places at the same time, with Amazon sponsoring a party in Davensport and Amazon Studios sponsoring an exclusive screening of the upcoming blockbuster "Wonderstruck" at Disney Springs during our ALDA conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. First, at the Amazon party, there were interpreters on the floor, tours of the facility, programs for children, and best of all, delicious buffet stlye luncheon with choices of fried chickens, spare ribs, mashed potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Amazon has a great turnout, my friends asking me when I'll return to work, they know that I am on medical leave. They are awaiting documentation from my doctors to extend the original medical leave, hope they got it by now. I'll be seeing the cardiologist this afternoon for my lab metabolic test, pt/inr, and also a pacer check that is done every ninety days. I recently injured my right knee during a hurricane Irma while driving a scooter doing grocery shopping in Vero Beach, a large tree fallen in our apartment complex, blocking the parking space. I leave next to Kissimmee airport, fearing a small Lear jet will smashed into my home. Anyway, I started walking a couple of days ago without the aid of a walker. The inflamation is gone but still taking prescription for pain under the leg, probably need to start walking exercises daily until Iam srong enough to return to work. It's great to know I that got a family at Amazon. I am still curious who won that big, giant TV that I had my eyes set on. Amazon Studio also distribute large "Wonderstruck" posters for children, and of course, adults to colorized it with their cranyons. Amazon Studios also had a great turnout, sold out (actually the tickets are free to all those who registerred for the ALDA conference) and my friend Jamine was on standby, apparently someone overslept and he got in. I praises Amazon Studios in using open-captions (OC), casting Deaf actors, using ASL and other means of communication in the film, and recieving awards from Cannes during its world premiere in France. I bet it'll be nomineed for several Oscars, including Best Picture. The movie is a story of a twelve years old deaf boy, Ben, searching for his father after his mother, a local librarian died in an auto accident as well as that of a deaf girl who ran away from home with the same thought. The story are set into two different time frame interacting with both somehow bumped into each others. Great uses of filming methods, fading into black and white, uses of silence, period subtitles, and craftmanship. It's an emotional experience for me, as it bought back memories of my childhood when my late brother, Buster, a linotypist with the New York Times, took me, then age ten, took me to the 1964 New World's Fair. I remember riding around the model layout of the skylines of the city at the New York City pavilion. I became a member of the Queen's Museum New York Word's Fair Society, now inactive. I, like Ben, also experiences the great blackout that struck New England, leaving us in total darkness with the moon in the night skies. My Deaf brother and I couldn't go bowling that night, it wouldn't be a problem back in the days when they uses boys as pinsetters behind the lanes. I remember the cool automobiles, our afro hairstyles, psychodellic t-shirts, drug culture, and the rock songs back then. Both Ben and I got a lot in common, being d/Deaf growing up in a hostile world, overcoming obstacles in our path, and breaking down barriers. "Wonderstruck" will be in theatres nationwide on October 20th, giving the audience as glismpe into our Deaf culture. It's been a great day, I'm looking forward to returning to Amazon soon, and hoping that I'll move to Hollywood to become the first Deaf director to produce a movie based on a script I'm developing financed by Amazon Studios known for disversity among its crew. It's a wrap, thanks to both the HR people at Amazon and to the production crew at Amazon Studios for the job well done at their parties and screenings. It's great having a career, although I'm retired from USPS, at Amazon and enjoying a great movie, with bottled water, from Amazon Studios. I give "Wonderstruck" a thumb up so let us wave our hand in big round of applauses.


Father Know Best

I met child actress Lauren Chapin, known for her role as Kathy Anderson on "Father Knows Best" 

Greatest Show on Earth

Charles Sheldon “Shelly” Scott, an Alaskan native, was the only Deaf individual ever to receive a diploma from the clown college of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey in Florida. He graduated from MSSD in Washington, DC. He also is a talented artist, his oil painting of a tiger and cub on canvas was hanged at the circus' headquarter Charles died of complications from lung cancer twelve years ago. It's sad that the "Greatest Show on Earth," is no more.

Silent Network

Silent Network (1989) In  a brief video awards contest held by the Silent Network, five finalists have been announced.
David Conyer won first prize'''a round trip for two people to Los Angeles, CA and Disneyland, for his 30-minute TV special called 'Portraits' featuring Mary Beth Ba
rber, a deaf actress, and Dr. Robert F. Panera, a deaf writer/poet.
The four runner ups who won special certificates were:

The Milwaukee Telecommunication Aurthority (MATA) in Milwaukee WI  for their 30 minute TV program 'Education of the Hearing-Impaired' featuring Gary Olsen, executive director of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and his views on the future of deaf education. 

Deaf Milwaukee Production
Gary A. Fitts, Director
Lee Archelger, Producer;
Hawaii Community Television in Honolulu, HI  for their 30-minutes TV program called  ''SIGNS OF LIFE'
The Deaf Media Collaborative in West Somerville, MA fora satellite hookup discussion called 'The Politics of Deafness in the Four Corners of the Globe'. Yerker Anderson, President of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is seen in a discussion with other countries regarding concerns of deaf persons in each country. This broadcast was also interpreted into two different sign languages simulyaneously;
NorCal Center on Deafness in Sacramento, CA for a 30-minute TV program called 'Sign-A-Thon' which took place at a local shopping mall in the Sacramento area. Feathered was comedian C.J. Jones by the Electric Sign Company.
The Silent Network Satellite Service staerted broadcasting each of these five programs May 6th for free.


Today I had a Mediterranean chicken bowl with chickpeas, kale, and roasted vegetables over quinoa topped with Greek feta cheese. I thought it was rice but it was quinoa, never heard of it. I really don't care so much for it, but I heard on the news that if there was ever a worldwide famine, quinoa may be what keeping us alive as it can grow anywhere, even in harsh environment.

MSSD: "What If..."

I was born in Tixvin, Russia. When I was two years old, I stayed at Vsevolozhsk School, which has a dormitory for deaf children who live far away from that city. I was moved from the town, Tixvin to Volvox, and lived there until I was six years old. Later, we moved to St. Petersburg because there were many deaf schools there and many good jobs. My parents decided that I would go to St. Petersburg School for the Deaf, School # 31, when I was seven years old and entered second grade.
My parents divorced when I was eight years old. In 1995, a tourist from the United States came to my school. He gave several students, including me, flight tickets for a vacation in Florida for a month. My school principal chose me to go to Florida for the vacation because I was doing well at school  and the principal was impressed with me. I invited the tourist to come over to my house. My mom and the tourist started to like each other.
I imagine that if my parents never decided to place me in School # 31, then I might be in the wrong school now. I could be in a school with a lot of bad students and a lousy education level. If I wasn't doing well in school, then the principal would not have been impressed with me and would have chosen another student to go to the U.S. If my parents never divorced, then I  would have stayed in School # 31and live with my mom and dad. The tourist would know that we have a family, so he would leave us alone. If my mom and the tourist (stepdad)  never liked each other, then we might have stayed in Orlando, Florida, for a month and then return to Russia.
In St. Petersburg, the most beautiful city, there are many art museums, The most famous museum is called "The Hermitage." There are so many apartments, and very few houses. There are cabins and houses situated one or two hours away from St. Petersburg. 
St. Petersburg has four schools for the deaf: School # 1, School # 31, School # 33, and school # 2o. In the United States, many schools are named after a person. In St. Petersberg, most schools goes by numbers. Schools 33 and # 20 are for hard of hearing students. Very few deaf students go there.. Schools # 1 and # 31 are for deaf students. I attendedSchool # 31 because crime is low there, and education is better, and there are more things to do there than at the other deaf schools. 
School # 31 has a different schedule than MSSD. All hearing schools in Russia open on September 1st. The students give flowers and gifts to the teacher because it's opening day. Class start at 9: 00 a.m. because most of the students arrive at 8 a.m.  They play soccer in the soccer stadium. The stadium is between our school and an adjacent hearing school. We played soccer against hearing students almost everyday. Sometimes we would fight, other times we would be friends and be happy. It depended on the group we were playing against. School finished at 2:30 p.m. We would play soccer against hearing players for another hour and then go home. My school was far from my apartment. My apartment was next to the subway station, but many students had to take the bs, trolley. train or taxi-cab to get home from school everyday.
St. Petersburg is very busy city, and there ae many deaf living there. I had many friends who live there and I went over to their houses often. In the U.S., people must ask other people their plans and ask permission before going over to theirhouse. In St. Petersburg, many of my friends went over to people's houses  without asking, and most of the time, they are happy that theystopped by for chatting. Nothing is wrong with that because there were no TTYs or pagers. Many deaf people started to buy fax machines to cs and chattn or chat with them.ntact their friende. There are many deaf clubs in St. Petersburg, and many people are friedly and understanding.
I have lived i the United States for six years now. Sometimes I do miss my old friends. I also miss Russian food, my family,  Russia's environment,  the city. Sometimes I feel sorry for my old friends suffering in St. Petersburg because it is very hard to find a job there and hard to make money. I know that I  am very lucky and happy here. My old friends aren't happy and I know they miss me badly.I am very happy to be here and live in the U.S. :)
Denis Ivanov, MSSD '05
Note: Denis is my son, now lives in California, I'm proud of him.